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Our Group Sponsor Program Keeps Costs Low

You may think our offer sounds too good to be true, but fortunately for you, it is true. Though we provide all the same roadside services as other programs, we’re able to offer them at a fraction of the cost. Our services are priced at wholesale rates for groups only to organizations or employers. Most other companies in the industry price their service at much higher rates, but our group sponsor program costs as low as $6.99 a year per person. That’s 58 cents a month!

woman dialing phone in front of broken down car

What’s Your Role as a Group Sponsor?

As a participating group, you are helping your members or employees get quick access to emergency roadside service at no cost to them. And, you can help by telling them about the program. Your help keeps our costs low, which in turn helps us keep our rates down.

Same Service at a Wholesale Rate

With a focus on a group program, Global Affinity Services is able to keep our service cost at a minimum. We harness the power of collective purchasing, as the costs of delivering services are spread among the group. Working with employers or organizations also allows us to keep our marketing costs low, a savings that is passed on to you through wholesale rates for groups only to organizations or employers. If you’re ready to get more information about becoming a a participating group for your members or employees, get in touch with our team today. We’re ready to help your members or employees get valuable services at extremely low rates (for groups only).

We’ve Got You Covered