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The MyKlovr Work Flow for the AI Counselor Program
MyKlovr is a virtual counselor for college bound students.

MyKlovr utilizes artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to provide personalized college & career counseling with the very best tools and resources to help students maximize their chances of college admissions and career opportunities.

Are you a high school student, or a parent of a student who knows that a college education will be the springboard to a successful and fulfilling life?

Your high school guidance counselor is not available at all hours to answer your questions and help you through the process of preparing for college applications even on the weekend, but myKlovr is. Our assistance and resources aren’t only helpful to the students we are advising, but to the parents who are not sure what to do next, and the college counselors who may have more students to advise than they can handle.

Help is here!

Available as a mobile-friendly website, myKlovr is the virtual guidance counselor that helps you become the best you that you can be.

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